Admitting that you or someone you care about has a chemical-dependency problem isn’t easy. How do you know when drinking or drugs have gotten out of hand? The answer varies, but generally, if the usage of alcohol or drugs interferes with family and social life, work, health, emotional stability and/or spiritual life—chemical dependency is a problem. Chemical dependency affects individuals from all walks of life. And tragically, it impacts the family, friends and co-workers of each dependent person. Chemical dependency is a disease that cannot be helped by will power alone—it must be treated. The Alcohol and Drug Recovery Centre can help.

WISDOM Rehabilitation Centre, a centre of excellence at Vidhyanagar, Hyderabad, offers the highest quality treatment and care for people who have an alcohol and/or drug dependency problem. We have successfully treated hundreds of chemically dependent individuals. We have also conducted workshops in Jagital Mandal, Karimnagar District for Doctors and Registered Medical Practitioners.

WISDOM Rehabilitation Centre, provides a friendly yet professional team approach to the evaluation and treatment of chemical abuse or dependency.

WISDOM Rehabilitation Centre, offers state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient treatment through a variety of programs to fit individual needs and schedules. WISDOM programs are tailored to offer people a new, sober way of living, building long-term sobriety one day at a time.

Our treatment programs emphasize:

  • Understanding chemical dependency as a chronic condition
  • Realization of the consequences and potentially fatal outcome of chemical dependency
  • Detoxification and rehabilitation, if needed, under supervision by experienced doctors and nurses
  • Emotional and social restoration, supported by family education and therapy
  • 12-Step program participation
  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Practical lifestyle change strategies
  • Supervision of all programs by full-time Physician, Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist and Counsellors
  • Comprehensive, whole-person approach to treatment
  • After-care counselling

We treat people from highly diverse backgrounds, on different stages of the illness continuum, from mild to severe. Our program is designed to support patients as they build new, rewarding lives, free from alcohol and drugs.

Patients are treated with dignity, kindness and compassion. The atmosphere is cheerful and hopeful; optimistic for a better tomorrow. The WISDOM staff members are true professionals with the highest credentials and professional standards. We are unified in our approach to helping patients confront and overcome their chemical and/or alcohol dependency, and to assist them in developing strategies for maintaining a chemical-free lifestyle to enhance their quality of life.

Our complete, private inpatient and outpatient services emphasize a restoration of health and total patient well-being. Based on highly individualized treatment planning, our comprehensive continuum of care incorporates medical and emotional recovery, as well as, traditional approaches to treatment. We weave modern behavioral science, using the disease model and Twelve-Step philosophy, with traditional components of compassion and understanding, all in an environment that fosters creative, personalized treatment strategies. All recovery services are provided under the care of psychiatrists who specialize in chemical abuse and dependency.

Along with the issues of chemical abuse and dependency many patients do suffer other co-morbid psychiatric illnesses like Mood Disorder (Depression, Mania), Psychosis, Delusional Disorders, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, Marital & Interpersonal disturbances with family members and emotional problems. Our highly specialized Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist and Psychologist provide pharmacological as well as psychotherapeutic treatments (Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Interpersonal and Family Therapy) to help patients to restore his physical as well as psychological, emotional and interpersonal issues and promote patient’s overall well-being and improve Quality of Life.